Each dish has different time requirements for mastery. Some of them can be mastered pretty quickly while others might take days and even weeks to master - according to how much you play, of course. Simply check your cookbook to see how many times you need to cook a spesific dish and your progress. And the golden chef hat on top left corner of your cookbook shows the total number of dishes you have mastered so far.

Aside from being the master chef in the kitchen and the joy it brings, mastering dishes is also profitable! Here are the perks of it:

* The total serving amount might increase which is handy if you like having your counters full all the time!

* The XP you get might increase which is good for leveling up faster!

* The unit price might increase which means you'll be earning more coins for each serving!

* The cooking time of the dish might decrease which is useful especially if you like binge-cooking!

* The last but not least, the cost of the dish might decrease! And well, it's good for your wallet, of course!

Moreover, the mastery rewards are not limited to dish-spesific perks. Each time you master a new dish, you earn Cash!

Now that you know more about mastering dishes, we suggest you get cookin'!