They are a chef's dream come true!

Premium Boosters help you manage your cafe in various ways such as cleaning up the place automatically or providing more sales! Some of them need to be charged regularly while some others work on their own. If it's a chargable item, you need to charge it after you place it in your cafe. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

e-Business Station

When you place this item to your cafe, you'll get regular orders from celebrities which will boost your income and reward you with special gifts when you complete a certain amount of them in a fixed period of time. You can see your orders by tapping on the item and you don't need to charge it!

Anti Spoil Machine

It helps keeping your food fresh as long as it's charged so you won't have to deal with spoiled dishes on your stoves.Cleaner BotThis machine cleans the floor dirt automatically as long as it's charged. You don't have to worry about a single drop on the floor while you have it on!

Drink Supplier

This machine doubles the capacity of your vending machines as long as it's charged which means that you'll have more products in them and make a profit!

Fresh Vegetables

This item increases the XP you get from cooking dishes by 20% as long as it's charged, so it helps you progress faster in the game!

FridgeThe best place to store your dishes and keep them fresh! For more information, check out the "How do I store dishes?" article.

Online Order

This machine helps you sell more dishes from the counters automatically as long as it's charged. You can see the "Online Order" tween come out of the dish when a serving is sold online.

Service Cart

This item boosts your cafe rating to 5 Stars as long as it's charged! For more information on cafe rating, check out the "What's Cafe Rating and how do I increase it?" article.

Stove Cleaner

This machine helps you clean the stoves automatically as long as it's charged. Keep it up and you won't have to worry about cleaning every single stove after serving dishes!

Tip Box

This machine collects all your machines automatically as long as it's charged. Don't lose a penny even if you're away and collect them when you return!

With all the help you get from premium boosters, your business will shine among others!