Each order has 3 normal order boxes and 2 bonus boxes. You only need to fill the normal ones to send the truck but if you fill the bonus ones, you'll get more rewards in return!

The catering orders can be for specific dishes or food categories in general. If it's a specific dish, you need to cook the needed amount and fill the box with it. And if it's a food category, you need to choose a dish from that category, cook it and fill the box. You can only fill the boxes with 1 type of dish, so you'll need the full amount before you see the "Fill" button on the box.

If the order has a Golden Hat at the corner, it means you can only fill that box if you have mastered that dish. Only the servings that you cooked after you mastered that dish will be counted.

Sending the catering truck is a great way to collect golden vouchers! They are the most valuable rewards apart from spin tokens, favors or coins!

You have a specific amount of time to finish the orders and this time might change according to the order. Once you get a catering order and complete it or send away the truck empty, a cooldown starts. You need to wait for 4 hours before a new order arrives or you can get them immediately using cash. Just tap on the catering building to see the order status and speed up the process.