Every active club is involved in the League Tournaments. If your cafe club hasn't done any kind of activity for the last week (chat, cafe club task etc.), you'll not be able to join the League Tournaments.Before each tournament season starts, league groups are formed with random clubs chosen from the same league. So, if you are in League 3, you'll be matched with other Cafe Clubs from League 3 and you'll all race against one another to League up to League 2. 

Each Cafe Club consists of members. These members all have a tasks list they can complete. These tasks differ from member to member. These tasks are the only source for tournament points.According to these tournament points, at the end of each tournament season, clubs in the same league group are lined and the first three clubs jumps to the better league, while the last three clubs falls to the lower league. If you go down a league, you don't get rewards. Tournament points are reset after each tournament session.

Each task has a time limit and after it is taken by a player, it should be completed within the given time. Available tasks increase as you league up. When a members completes a task, a gift is sent to all the other club members, and the player who completes a task wins a Golden Favor. With that Golden Favor, awesome decorations with benefits can be purchased from the Favors Building. There are three types of gifts: Bronze Gift, Silver Gift and Golden Gift. As you league up, you get a better chance at earning Silver or Golden gifts.

League 1 is the best League whereas League 10 is the lowest League.

There is no option to opt out of Leagues and Tournaments, but Clubs can simply ignore this feature. However, the winners of the tournament sessions in each League get amazing rewards! And these rewards get better and better as you League up! 

Admins, Veterans, Moderator and Normal Members

The Club Leader can promote members to Veterans and Moderators or demote them to normal members. Moderators and Veterans can accept new members to the club if the club is set to join by request only.  Neither veterans nor moderators can kick the admin, admin can kick everybody and accept new members to the club. Moderators can kick a veteran, or promote a member to veteran, or demote a veteran to a normal member. Moderators and Veterans can kick normal members out of the club.

Favors Building: