The fridge max capacity has been changed with the latest release. While we understand that this might be displeasing for some of our players, we assure you that our designers decided on this through research and since this happens for all the players, it is fair. 

With the latest release, counter limits have also changed. So for example, in some cases, if you had 5 counters before and remove 1 to inventory, you won't be able to put it or another one back because the limits is not lower. You'll be able to put it back the next time your counter limit increases.

You will receive golden favours from tournament rewards and you get a chance to win golden favours from tasks that your teammates complete from now on. So, you won't be getting golden favour from tournament tasks that you complete.  

Due to the large volume of tickets about this matter, we are not able to answer them all. Thank you for your understanding.