What's the main goal of the game? Why should I play it?

Fashland is a dress-up game designed for players who like fashion. There are several ways to play Fashland, but here are few of the game's main goals:

  • Play to expand your Fashion House and collect more decoration items to show your design skills and how far you've come in the game
  • Play to unlock products in the Dress Up menu with the aim of collecting all of the products in the game
  • Play to win the Fash Cup, a global themed contest that happens twice daily.
  • Play to complete your Chic List, a feature that awards you based on how much you've done in the game
  • Play to complete quests, level up, and collect Tiara Points that reflect your success in the game
  • Play to make new friends or help your friends that already love the game.

There are a lot of facets of Fashland.