Hello friends!

Magetale is a fantasy blend of city building, hero recruiting, and weapon collecting. It's set in an alternate world where characters of all backgrounds have joined forces to fight enemies. You are the new captain of a band of magical heroes and it's your duty to improve them and their weapons in order to defeat the foes you encounter.

As you progress along in your adventure, you will also build a town to sustain your team. You'll unlock new heroes and have access to more buildings and decorations. In addition, as you beat enemies in combat, you start finding weapons that can be used to Power-Up your current weapons to make them stronger. Eventually, many weapons can evolve into cooler and more powerful weapons that will be needed as the battles get tougher and tougher.

But all of this weapons and heroes improvement comes at a price! In order to improve your team, you have to study magic at all kinds of different locations. Studying earns you Scrolls, which are used to make upgrades and Power-Up weapons fast.

Good luck on your journey!