What are Skills and Ascension?

Skills are special attacks or abilities that are acquired in two ways. Heroes can get Skills from their weapons or from unlocking Skills exclusive to each hero through level up and upgrades.

  • All weapons of at least 2-Stars have one active Skill (that will trigger during combat) & some passive traits (that constantly affect hero stats) if they are blue or purple. This Skill is set by their weapon type:
  1. Staffs - Staff Extra Hit
  2. Axes - Axe Weaken.
  3. Swords - Sword Critical.
  4. Maces - Mace Stun.
  5. Guns - Gun Splash.
  6. Double Bladed - Blade Poison.
  The rate at which these Skills appear is determined by the star level of the weapon equipped.
  • Heroes can acquire a maximum of four additional Skills through improving their hero level. At certain points heroes must be upgraded to achieve higher levels and unlock new Skills.
  • Enemies also have Skills from weapons or Skills exclusive to that enemy.

How can I unlock more Skills?

Collect Orbs from Daily Chambers in the Dungeons and go to Ascension in the heroes menu to unlock hero skills. Hero skills can be upgraded using scrolls, this increases either the chance of that skill happening or the effect they have during combat.

When do heroes or enemies use Skills?

Skills in the game work according to probability ratios. Every skill-weapon-hero combination has a different set of probabilities for when that Skill will be executed.