Power-Up is a way to improve your weapons, recycle old weapons, and increase attack and defense stats for the character who has equipped that weapon.

In order to Power-Up, you need one base weapon and at least one weapon to add to the Power-Up. Go to the Weaponsmith and click "Power-Up" to start the process.

Once you Power-Up your weapons to their max level, they can be evolved with Gems.

Here are some tips for powering up your weapons.

  • Using the same star weapons for power-up increases the chance of having a more powerful Blue Star weapon. Blue stars can then turn into Purple stars when powered up with same star levels. Using weapons of the same colors also creates an advantage when powering up.
  • Be mindful of the elements when you Power-Up. Weapons will improve faster if you use other weapons of the same element for Power-Up.
  • Make sure your base weapon is stronger or equal to the Power-Up materials you are using. Don't Power-Up with weapons that are stronger than your base weapon unless you don't need those weapons anymore.
  • 1-Star weapons do not evolve. Do not try to Power-Up 1-Star weapons. Instead, add them to 2-Star weapons.
  • The higher the star level, the more powerful the weapon. That said, a 3-Star weapon at level 1 is only 1 level stronger than a level 2-Star weapon at level 20.
  • Power-Up costs Scrolls. Before you click Power-Up, the amount of Scrolls needed to Power-Up is shown. The base price for any Power-Up is 20 Scrolls. It increases based on how powerful that weapon has become and gets more expensive the closer you get to max level and the higher the star level of that weapon.
  • Power-Up is a fun, but never-ending process. If you run out of weapons to Power-Up with, simply go back and play easier levels to "harvest" more weapons. You can usually earn at least two weapons from winning any battle in the adventure map.
  • You can also buy Chests from the Shop to collect more weapons.
  • Power Cores are designed as "booster" weapons specific for Power-Up. Match them with the same element weapon for a good boost during Power-Up, relative to the power of the weapon you are powering up. Thus, they are not real weapons, and are very weak in battle.

Sample Power-Up strategy to save Scrolls and progress quickly:

  1. Use 1-Star weapons to Power-up 2-Star weapons. Use 2-Star weapons to power up 3-Star weapons, and so on. 
  2. Power-Up higher-star weapons with lower-star weapons that are already powered-up. This will give your weapons a kick start to progress!
  3. Since it costs less to Power-Up the first time, use 4 weapons of the same element that are already powered up a little on your first power-up. This will maximize the effect for the least amount of Scrolls.

Have fun!