Weary traveler! You've been adventuring all this time, collecting lots of weapons, and getting stronger day by day. But the time has finally come where you feel like you've hit a wall and you can't go on.

Before you get too frustrated, here's a little help from us on ways you can keep going.

  • Improve your heroes. You can do this with XP Elixir or by fighting battles to level up. Another way is to collect Hero Shards to evolve heroes and increase their stats. The final method is by using Ascension to unlock hero skills. Once unlocked, skills can be upgraded with scrolls - if the hero level is high enough.
  • Make sure all of your Heroes are equipped with the strongest weapons you have. Look at the weapons' attack/defense stats from the Weaponsmith menu and how many stars your weapons have. The more stars your heroes' weapons have, the stronger they are. 1-Star weapons are extremely weak, even if you Power-Up. For more information on Weapons, see our help article.
  • Power-Up all of your Heroes' most high-level weapons. Use all of your lower-level weapons to Power-Up the higher-level weapons. This is the most effective way to level up weapons to stronger stats. If you don't know about Power-Up or aren't sure how to do it, please check out our help article for Power-Up.
  • Evolve weapons if possible. Weapons can evolve when they reach certain set maximum levels. You have to Power-Up weapons to reach those benchmarks to be able to evolve. You will also need the correct type of Gems to evolve weapons. Gems can be found in chests earned from battle or purchased directly from the shop. Be sure you're collecting the right kind of Gem: to evolve a 2-star weapon into a 3-star weapon, you need 3-Star Gems.
  • Try not using "Auto-Fight." Auto-fight offers no strategy for winning a battle. You may find it easier to win if you can pick and choose with enemies to attack first. Auto-fight also doesn't take into account weapon burst or skill your hero might have.
  • Edit your team. Put the heroes on your team that have elemental advantage or the highest health/attack/defense stats.¬†You can also plan who will attack (or be attacked) first by rearranging the order of your heroes. You can also try using "auto-select" which is offers the most "optimized" team formation.
  • Consider balancing your team. Each Hero belongs to a class type. Players should make sure to have a balanced team. Attackers deal good damage, Tanks have high health, Supporters boost the team, and Controllers weaken enemies.

  • Be careful about element strength and weakness. For more details, see our help article about the Elements.
  • Consider equipping different weapons to your heroes. Every weapon has a different skill potential and depending on the enemy you might be trying the wrong approach. In addition, you might want to equip heroes with more health your more powerful weapons.
  • Replay old levels if you are stuck on your current level. Playing a level you are stuck on over and over (and losing) means wasted energy. You won't collect new items for Power-Up or experience for hero upgrades if you don't win battles. One strategy is to play the highest level that you KNOW your team will win. This will maximize the amount of experience (XP) and loot you gain. Playing in hard mode of worlds you completed offers more rewards and a harder challenge.

As a final note, archmage - the battles are meant to be difficult. This challenge is no easy task, and every struggle will be worth it! Do your best, don't give up, and good luck!