Here are a few miscellaneous tips you may find useful as you play!

  • Equip heroes with the largest amount of health with strong weapons. Since they will often be the last ones standing in battle, it's better for them to have the stronger weapons. Tanks have the most health, but it's not a good strategy to depend on a team of Tanks. Experiment with different classes. A good starting strategy is to have at least one attacker and one tank on your team. Change from controller to supporter from time to time according to the situation.
  • Switch up your heroes' weapon types from time to time. You may find that some battles are better fought with axes or guns instead of swords and doubleblades, for example. Don't forget that each weapon comes with its own ability in addition to your heroes' unlocked skills.
  • Don't forget to evolve heroes when you have enough shards. You can craft and use Hero XP Elixir to instantly level up heroes. Ascend to unlock new skills.
  • Don't be afraid to replay old levels over and over again in order to collect weapons and earn XP. It will pay off in the long run.
  • Upgrade your Businesses as much as you can. It may be costly, but the earnings will pay off in no time.
  • Don't upgrade your Study buildings as much. Usually, the next subject will be costly and time consuming, so it's only really useful for higher-level players.
  • Don't hang on to low-level weapons. Unless you want to evolve them, use them for Power-Up if they are not equipped already.
  • Read the dialogues. They often contain useful hints that you won't find anywhere else. And they're fun, too!

Enjoy the game!