Gunnar: Weapons, you say? I know all about 'em!

Weapons play a very important role in the game. How good your weapons are directly relates to how well your heroes do in battle. Give them all the attention they deserve.

Some key points about weapons:

  • Some weapons can evolve, which increases their star level. More stars means higher attack and defense stats.
  • 1-Star weapons do not evolve and do not get very powerful. They should only be used to Power-Up other weapons.
  • You can see the stats and evolutions of every weapon by clicking on the Weapon Collection menu in the Weaponsmith.

The little blue book icon opens up the Weapons Collection.

  • Be careful about which weapons you choose to Power-Up. Since not all weapons evolve, you wouldn't want to waste Scrolls Powering-Up a weapon that has no future evolution.
  • Your heroes can only equip one weapon at a time. Having a second weapon of a different type in store for them isn't a bad idea, and it will come in handy if you rescue a new hero of that element.
  • All weapons have elements. Heroes can only equip a weapon of their same element.
  • You can sort weapons by elements in the Weaponsmith, Weapon Collection, and Power-Up menus.

What are Blue Star weapons and Purple Star weapons?

Powering up using weapons with the exact same number of stars as the weapon you're trying to improve grants you the chance of getting a Blue Star Weapon from a Gold Star Weapon, and a Purple Star Weapons from a Blue Star Weapons. They are automatically better than Gold Star weapons because they have higher attack defense stats. They have higher max levels. Blue Star Weapons have one additional trait (resembles to hero skills) and Purple Star Weapons have two additional traits.

But which weapons are better than others?
Weapons are not inherently better than other weapons. The only determining factor is their stars and level. But, all weapons have different skills attached and a basic balance of attack and defense power. Some weapons, like Axes and Staffs, tend to be more defensive. Others, like Swords and Guns, tend to be more offensive, dealing high attack damage. No weapon is better suited to any specific hero, it's completely up to you with weapon to use for each hero. More importantly, try to create a team with a balance of attack/defense/health stats and a nice variety of skills.

Note that some battles will be nearly impossible without weapons with a high attack stat. Try to always have at least one high-level attacking weapon on equipped to your team.

Happy collecting!