Your Pockie has needs!

How can I see my Pockie's needs?

Tap the face at the top of your game screen to see how your Pockie's needs are doing. Tapping each need will tell you how to increase that need. According to the colour of that face, you can tell how your Pockie feels. It goes from happiest to saddest in this order: 

What are needs and how do I keep them full?

Keeping your needs full allows your Pockie to do anything you want them to. But if one of your needs falls into a critical state, you must do something to boost that need before your Pockie will respond to any other commands. There are 5 separate needs that you need to take care of. These are Hunger, Fun, Rest, Hygiene  and Social .

In the game, you can click on these needs and a bubble will tell you how to increase these needs.

How do I know if a need is in critical state?

Critical needs will have a red border that blinks periodically. Also, if a need is in critical state, the items you own that increases that critical need will have an indicator on top. So you know what to use immediately in order to increase that need.

Why else should I keep all my needs high?

Not only will your Pockie be very happy, but we are also planning to award bonuses for Pockies with full needs.

What is the fastest way to increase my Pockie's needs?

You can always look at the Store and buy and place items that increase needs. You can see which increase which needs by checking the icon in the menu; if an item increases a certain need, that need icon, along with blue stars, indicates which need and how much it can increase that need. A faster way is to use Boosters, which can be found in the Collection menu. Collect the needed Drops, craft the Boosters, and use them to instantly fill needs by up to 100% in the Boosters & Drops tab of the Collection menu. You can craft any Booster instantly using Pockie Gems.