How can I get Coins?

  • Picking up Coin bags on the floor of your Pockie's house.
  • Playing mini games at the Fun Factory which can be reached by tapping "Map."
  • Spinning the wheel of fortune every hour
  • Completing quests.
  • Buying Coins with hard currency by tapping your Coin total, or buy going to the Bank in the Map
  • Visiting friends
  • Interacting with items in your Pockie's house

What can I use Coins for?

  • Decorations for your house
  • Clothing for your Pockie
  • Unlocking new rooms for your Pockie's home

What is the fastest way to earn Coins?

Completing quests and playing mini games as much as possible is a fast way to earn Coins. The amount of Coins you win increases according to how well you can play. Be sure to use your free spin at the Wheel of Fortune every hour for a chance to win coins.