What are Skills?

Every Pockie can learn four different Skills. They are accessed from the Skills menu in the bottom menu, marked with a graduation cap. 





At each Skill level, you earn 5 Pockie Gems. Every few skill levels you reach, decorations related to that skill level are unlocked for you to use in your Pockie's home. 

How do I increase my Skills?

You can play minigames and interact with items in your Pockie's house to increase your Pockie's cooking, music, and sports skills. There is no minigame for increasing logic, but there are many items that award points toward a new skill level in logic.

How can I see which items give points for Skills?

Every item in the store shows whether or not it can give skill points by displaying an icon with that skill (all skill badges are shown in the skills menu). Cooking skill items are marked with an orange mixer; music skill items are shown with a record; sports skill items are shown with a basketball; and logic skill items are shown with a Rubik's cube.

What are Skill badges?

Skill badges are purple icons showing mastery of that particular Skill item. Once you get four badges, you can no longer increase that Skill item.