There are three lovely Pockies already waiting to help you in Pockieland.

Mr. Mayor

A codgy old man who is always friendly, but sometimes a bit pushy. He cares deeply for the wellbeing of you, your Pockie, and all the Pockies in Pockieland, so he doesn't let up when it comes to giving advice and steering you in the right direction. Don't worry, though! You can trust him!


A chill engineer who loves to crack jokes and doesn't take himself too seriously. Since his focus is mainly on decorations and expansion, following his quests and listening to his tips will help you build a nice home for your Pockie. With his casual attitude, you're sure to become friends in no time!


A sweet-hearted fashionista who understands the pressure of looking good. She can be a bit jittery and overexcited from time to time. She'll be on top of your every need and making sure that your house and your Pockie are always in style!