Where can I meet other Pockies?

The town center is a place for your Pockie to meet other Pockies. The other Pockies you see in the Town Center can be from anywhere around the world, however, just because you see them in Town Center, doesn't mean that player is online or at the town center at the moment.

Outside of the game, you can visit our app page to find other players, Connect to Facebook to find your friends who already play, or connect to Google Play and Game Center to see your friends.

Why should I visit Pockies?

The only way to increase your Social need is by interacting with Pockies. In order to interact with them, you need to visit them. What's more, visiting friends is fun and can earn your Coins. Every day you can get the daily visit reward by interacting with a friend. You can do a bunch of funny social interactions with Pockies at their houses, and see how other players have dressed their Pockies and decorated their houses.

What are the possible relationships I can have with Pockies?

Each Pockie you Add to your Social List is your Acquaintance at first. When you choose an action, your relation type is chosen according to the type of the action you chose.You can be Friends, Enemies and Lovers with a Pockie. 

Actions with green background makes you friends, purple background makes you enemies and pink background makes you lovers. There is no limit to how many Friends, Enemies or Lovers you can have in your Social list, but it's best to have a few from each category for the quests and for the chance to see all the relationship animations.  Every interaction animation is unique.

You can change your relationship type by choosing relationship interactions from different category. Even when a relationship bar is full, you can still find interactions from the other two relationship types and choose to move into that direction.

Relationship Stages

Each relationship type has 4 stages.


  • Crush
  • Flirt
  • Date
  • Soulmate


  • Rival
  • Enemy
  • Worst Foe
  • Archnemesis


  • New Pal
  • Good Friend
  • Kindred Spirit
  • Best Buddy

Can Pockies Have Children?

Unfortunately, no.