It's easy to decorate your Pockie's house!

How do I decorate my house?

In the bottom menu, tap "Store"to see all the items available to put in your house. To buy an item, make sure you have enough Coins or Pockie Gems, and tap and hold the item's icon on the decoration panel, then drag it out into your house. Before tapping the green check mark to place the item, you can move it by tapping, holding, and dragging the item wherever you'd like. 

How can I move a decoration item?

Move any item in your house by tapping and holding. This will trigger decoration mode, where tapping and holding on any item allows you to move things around easily. Putting something into your house from the Decoration Store will also trigger decoration mode and you can tap and hold any item to move.

How many of the same item can I buy?

Most of the items have a limit to how many of the same one you can own. This counts the items in your Inventory and the ones in your house. You can see the limit (if there is one) at the lower left side of the item's icon in the decoration menu.
For example this coffee table has a limit of 5:

Where is the Inventory?

Tap "Shop" on the main menu, and then tap Inventory next to the shop tab.

How can I store items in the Inventory?

After tapping and holding for a couple of seconds on any item, a box with a green arrow appears. Tap that icon to immediately store the item in the Inventory for later use. Or, you can sell items back to the store at a lesser price by going to the Inventory tab in the store and tapping "Sell." Before you sell, a warning will appear to allow you to select how many to sell and what price you'll sell it for. Note: there is a limit to how much you can store in the Inventory, but the limit increase with your level. Wallpaper and Floor tiles are not counted in the limit.

Note: You can't sell the last need item that you own. The game starts with items that increase all four needs (Social can only be increased via friend interaction). If you buy new need items, you can sell those. Buy you can't sell the last Hunger item, last Hygiene item, last Rest item or the last Fun item.

What do the icons on some items in the Store mean?

This little orange hammer means that the item is buildable - you will have to collect Drops to build the item after your have placed and purchased it. Items that you haven't built yet will not increase your House Value.

A badge with a basketball, record, Rubik's cube, or mixer indicates that the item gives Skill points. Read more about skills here.

An icon with a need and green bars illustrates how much that item can increase your needs. Read more about needs here.

You can tap the red X at any time to cancel decoration mode or cancel purchasing a new item from the store.