Town center is where you can meet other Pockies. If you're not connected to Facebook, this is the only place where you can add Pockies as neighbours.

How to add a Pockie?

You can add a Pockies by going to the Town Center and tapping on them. This will open the passport of the Pockie OR a chance to challenge, play a mini game or trade drops. You can refuse the drop trade option and then tap on the Pockie again to see the the Add Pockie button. You can also Shake Hands with a Pockie or send a Chat message if you wish, without adding them.

Increasing Needs at the Town Center

You can increase all your needs at the Town Center without leaving. 

The ice cream cart and Hotdog Station > Hunger

Water Fountain > Hygiene

Street Performer > Fun

Bank > Rest

Shaking Hands with Pockies > Social

Visiting Neighbours

If you tap on a Pockie after you added them, you'll see an option to visit them. Also, you will see that pockie in your Neighbours list, and you can visit them from there, too. If you tap on the Message button, you'll see the Chat screen. You can tap on Visit here to visit the Pockie.

Town Center Challenges

Every time you come to the Town Center and tap on Pockies, there's a certain chance that you will be offered a challenge. If you fail, you will not lose anything. If you win, you'll earn rewards. So it is advised that you accept the challenge whenever you get the chance. But you can only challenge for a limited number of times (the ones you skip doesn't count), so if you don't see any more challenge opportunities, just wait.

The challenges can be about your and your opponent's;

House Value

Closet Value


Career Level.

Town Center Drop Exhange

Sometimes the Pockies you tap on at the Town Center offer you a prize if you give them what they need. If you don't have the drop they need, simply refuse. If you do and don't want to give, you should also refuse. If you have the drops and want the prize, tap on Accept and the drops will be removed from your account and you'll get the prize Pockie offers. Just like the challenges, you can only enter drop exchange for a limited number of times (the ones you skip doesn't count)

Town Center Mini Games

Just like the drop exchange, some Pockies you tap on at the Town Center will want to play a game with you. You are not advised to skip the game as there is nothing to lose. If you win, you'll get your reward, if you lose, you'll not lose anything. You can always add that Pockie from the Message popup and then visit if you really don't want to take your chance and win something. Again, just like the challenges and the drop exchanges, 

you can only play mini games for a limited number of times. The ones you skip doesn't count.