Once you reach level 3, Careers will be available. Careers are the main source of coins for your Pockie. You start earning more from a Career's job as you level up in that Career.


For each title there are 3 job options. These come as Short, Medium and Long. You can pick the one that suits your gaming habits the best. If you're going to be playing for hours, pick the short ones so you can start working again once the jobs are available again. If you'll be away for the rest of the day, pick the long one. 

Once you tap on a job, you'll see a little working screen and you'll get your rewards right after that. If your needs are high when you go to work, you'll get a mood bonus. Which means you'll earn more XP, Career Points and Coins.

While you're waiting for the next job to be available, there are Bonus Career Tasks that you can complete. They'll give you extra Career Points and Coins. This way you can promote faster. These are optional, and they'll go away once the Pockie is able to work again. If you want to finish these, you need to make sure to do so before the new jobs are available. Even if you started to do a task, it'll vanish once the jobs become available again.


On the Promotions tab you can see the requirements for your next promotion. Once you meet them, you can tap the Accept Promotion button and Promote.

If you filled the required Career Points but not the rest of the requirements, or if you met the requirements but haven't promoted yet by tapping this button, the new Career Points you earn will not be added towards your progress.


Every 5 Promotions brings a new Career title. This title unlocks new and better job opportunities. Also, each title has a unique Career Reward that you can only get from earning the title. 

How can I change my Career?

You can change your career by tapping the Change Career button under the Skills tab. 

What happens if I change my Career?

You can change your Career whenever you want. You previous career progress will not be deleted. However, if you have a job in progress and you change your career, your previous job countdown be paused and it will start once you skip back to your career. So, you can't just start jobs on more than 1 career and expect them to be ready. The job countdown only works on your current career.