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Add More Decorations that can be Purchased with Coins

Looking at the items to decorate our cafes for valentines night, nearly everything needs cafecash. Why cant a few more items be bought with the coins we earn. Is it so people will buy the cash and so spend more money. Also I am a human so why have to verify it lol, unless my dog plays cafeland without me knowing. 

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I agree, far too many Valentine's Day decorations to purchase with Caféland cash/dollars.

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I third that...

Most items cost 'ridiculously over-priced' Cafeland Cash these days...even rubbish ones.  It used to be only one or two items in a collection that cost its only a few that can be purchased with coins!!!  I have tried to start a topic on this issue twice, but for some reason it just wont post, or its not allowed to be posted!  I see a lot of complaining from people on the app page about this as well.  All comments are ignored by Cafeland...same as this has taken it up!.  They just want to continue to try and squeeze as much real money out of players as possible,  I'm getting fed up with this game.  No wonder so many players are leaving. I have barely any neighbours left!

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