We are Adding More Quests!

Hi all, just wanted to let you know we will be adding lots more quests for Marketland in the next few weeks. Please post your suggestions here so we can pass them along to our developers. You may also post about which kind of quests you do not want!

Thanks for your feedback!

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I've searched all over the forums but I haven't found the topic I'm looking for.  I hope it is okay to put my comment here.   

The quest where I have to invite 10 people is messing up my game.  In one month I had that particular quest 3 times.  I keep having to invite the same people over and over.  The rest of my friends have asked me not to send them anymore invites.  I've been playing this game almost 2 years and I just can't send anymore invitations. Is this something you would be willing to change?  I'm disappointed that I can no longer complete certain quests.  Thank you so much!  

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