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1st Bingo Outfit

I would like to know if we are ever going to get the chance to get this outfit through a mini game again.

This was the first outfit available through the Bingo mini-game, which had so many glitches and not everyone was able to get. It was posted on the old forum that since it was a problem with the links we had to post (to get bingo balls), the outfit was going to be available to get on a later time.

I really hope this hasn't changed and that it will be available in a bingo/slots game soon! :)

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WTG Jenn! I second that!! I was one of those who had issues with the first mini game.. I'd like to get those items as well. Will these items become available again or do we need to request each item individually by sending a ticket to the Dev's ? 

We will love to get the chance of having this outfit again!!

well, I guess we won't be getting it in another mini-game since the skirt and bag have been put in the dress up menu :/ 

thy are cloths that I seen that I would love to have like the  poki dot  bathing suit and the cheerleading 1

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