Updates - 4/29/15

 Hi there! New updates today.

* Added new Bingo game. (Diving Suit)

* Added Mother's Day seasonal quest (starts on May 6th 2015)

* Added new Like button and Like popup. (the arrow will disappear after the first click)

* Added new products to the "New" category.

* Added Mila Collection sale. (starts April 30 2015)

* Fixed Neighbor issue.


I just want to say that I really liked the "earn 15 keys" task in the Marco quest! it was something different to do :)

oh and I just saw the "earn 10 tiara points" task! that looks a bit hard but fun lol thanks for changing the tasks a bit :) 

Thank you Maddy for the clarification about the dress, even though I did not buy, nor would have at this point in time. But, I am still working on building my wardrobe though. 

I do have a question for you regarding the neighborhood edit list: What is the maximum number of possible neighbors that the edit list can hold as to finding new neighbors? I have over 2k FB friends, which almost everyone does play Flashland. I have about 150 friends that do not play this particular game. 

When I click on the link to send out help request to complete a task, everyone on my FB list shows up...and I do mean everyone, of course, except for the very few that do not play Fashland (But they do show up on the particular list to send out an invitation to play).  When I click on the neighborhood list for editing/deleting, smh, I cannot locate people to add. I am guessing, once you hit the max number for the edit list there is no revising that particular list nor will it ever have the ability to rotate possible neighborhood list? 

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