Hello Everyone, 

The game will go under maintenance in a little while for about 2 hours. The reason of this maintenace is to update and renew the game database to serve you a better game experience :) 

Your clothes and displays will be in our control. Don't worry about them! ^ - ^ 

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Please feel free to let us know if you need further information! 



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Please, finally fix the problem with the list of neighbors!! A lot of players faced this issue, and it's very annoying! Neighbors should not disappear from the list, and we need to have the opportunity to bring back the neighbors who have already disappeared!

Thank you for the update

Ive spend real money . I was billed but the items that i bought for the game didn't appear though it said that payment was successful. I have been inviting celebrities but i never even once got the items they claim to give out. I cannot complete my tasks because no items such as the hammers dont even come upm rip off.

Hi !I'm a daily player,and I restore google chrome and now i cant play.....i try all the resources but the game doesnt reload....Im really sad because I'm gonna loose Marco Quest please help me with my issue.....Ireally need your help to solve and fix this problem.....please send me an answer...thank you....

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