11/24/15 - New Version Coming & Information about Game's Release Date

Hi all,

1. I'm pleased to announce we have a new version of Cooking Tale Mobile coming today. Dilara or I will update this thread with news about it after it's released. Please be sure you are Facebook connected before you install the new release, or you will lose your progress.

2. The game is going public in Turkey in 2 weeks. It's not very much time! We really need your suggestions and help more than anything before we get to that launch date. Thanks very much, Cooking Tale testers!

3. Vivian will be doing a bit of house cleaning today in the testers Facebook group. If you are not testing yet or have not posted in the forum, please contact Vivian on Facebook for help.



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J e ne peux plus entrer dans le jeu depuis 2 mois ; il ne se réactualise pas 

Hi Emily, when I tried to play thru FB I can see that my energy has been credited to 600. But when I tried playing thru mobile, it went back to 150 and when I checked FB again it also reverted to 150 :(

Yes!! Its "Mastura Koloos" :)
Mastura! I found out we can give you that energy. We just need your Facebook ID!


Hi there, I see. Unfortunately there's not way for us to modify tester account units. I'm glad the game is working for you and very sorry about what happened with the energy. I can talk to our devs and maybe they can make sure it doesn't happen again.


Hi Emily, I've received the new version and installed. But when I connect to my FB game all my energy are gone and only left with 150 :( Can this be rectified? I recall I have about 600+ energy before this

Hi Mastura, good question. I will let you know :)


Hi, cooking tale fb has a new town. Will this be updated in the tester version as well? Happy holidays :)
It's only the case for testers, and yes, it is correct. Once you can download from the play store it won't be necessary. Thank you Kelley!


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Every time there is a new update we must uninstall the previous version.... if we want to stay synced with our facebook game. Is this correct? You may want to put this bit of info somewhere so that players know.


hi Emily..yes that is what ive been doing. it actually says ''this will replace the previous version'' when I uninstalled/reinstalled

Jace, if I understood correctly you didn't uninstall the game first. You need to start there :) Since the new version is a live version that can work fluidly with your FB version, you need to uninstall the old version first in order for it to work.

Start there. Uninstall any versions of Cookingtale you have on your phone, then get the latest version from Ubertesters after. Good luck!


hi dilara, it crashes and closes itself down , back to my phones  homescreen

Hi Jace,

What happens when you try to connect to facebook? 

im still trying to connect , but atm its struggling to o anything and is crashing. it closes down back to my home screen

at least im 1 step forward than I was last week lol


thing is I thought it might just be my phone but I tried solitaire [as that suddenly popped up available for me in ubertesters menu last night] and that loads up super fast and plays perfectly..no issues at all [althou have no idea how to play it! lol im not a card player person]

fash cup wont even install ..its downloaded but keeps 'failing' to install ..ill keep trying with that.

anyways ill try again through out the day and get back to you later


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