11/30 - [Announcement] - Free Offers for Cash, Items are Fake

Hi all,

We have been informed that a number of you are being offered free items, cash, or other in-game bonuses through fake scammer sites. Please be aware that the ONLY place we make such offers is from our app page here, or in the game itself.

Any sites outside of Facebook are fake offers that are not to be trusted. We would never ask you to sign up for something or pay for anything outside of Facebook.

Known scammer pages:

We have reported these pages to Facebook. Hopefully they will be taken down ASAP.

For players who use these scams, an automatic ban is placed. So those of you who have not tried any of the scam sites floating around can rest assured that no one has an unfair advantage.

Please be wary and check the source before clicking on anything offering you something for Cafeland!

Happy playing!

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now check your fb page cause people are blatantly posting the links to those sites all throughout the thread!

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Hi, great news!!!

Can you check also if equal fake pages exist for ML?

Have a nice day,




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Hi I warn about another similar page:




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Thank you, Matteo!


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Thanks for the info, still learning...

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I have never received free rewards. How do ya get them?

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