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Could we please have a few more attractions in our stores?

Even if we could be allowed to have only one more attraction in our stores, it would be helpful. 3 more would be great. Thanks for listening to our suggestions. :-)

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that would be great Stacey  because  the more request you do the more attractions or coin ops you have to do

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Increasing the limit on the attractions would make it easier for players to unlock their Martians. Also, people would be more willing to pay ML cash for some attractions if they could put them in their store.

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be great for attraction automatically clicks on customers heads to get 3rd ribbion

If you are improving the attractions, please also add the percent budget increased to the attractions, perhaps as a hoverable piece of info.  It's hard to know this information, especially we have gotten the attraction by winning it, rather than buying it.  Examples would be Chili Pepper Balloon or BBQ.


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