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Old products

I'm not really sure how other players think but, it would be great that Minigames (bingos, slots and Marco's missions) offer once in a while  "Old" products, those that already offer before and people who started to player lately don't have   

They do do this from time to time with the limited  item sales, but they cost real money

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Yes, they do and they have a good reason to do it. Monetary benefits of course is a huge issue, which makes perfect sense for these companies to do, but slight variation is a good thing. I am trying to embed airconsole or the ones you mentioned on my sites essayarsenal website link as a reward program for students. Anybody with API info and technical info would be appreciated.

I don't know if I still have a memory. After that day, I went with my soul  clicker heroes

I also face same issue like this. I don't know why yet fireboy and watergirl

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