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why I have no neighbors???

How can I GET my neighbors back IN CAFELAND they disappeared.

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It depends.  If you don't mind unblocking access to your entire friends database, then you can have neighbors.    Kind of like the Cambridge info crap we just saw Facebook deal with.

How do I do that?

sounds like you all have neighbor and friend problems !!! I can not even "GET" any friends or neighbors with this game.  Can anyone tell me how to do this??? I have tried the "INVITE" friends and nothing ever happens. This game is going to get old real fast unless I can find some kind of instructions somewhere. 

Ok...I've seen so many folks lose their neighbors and have been glad mine are ok...till today!  Come on to Cafeland...and voila!  I only have a handful of neighbors!  Please...this is a reoccurring glitch it try and figure out how we get them back!!  Please? Thanks! 

This happens, I believe when the game programmer wants you to disclose all of your data.  The best example I can give is they want full access too your entire friend list, etc.  If you are not willing to give them all of your data then your Gamer friends start disappearing.

All these people who need help but where is the help How to fix this

I HAVE HEARD FROM THE GAME DEVELOPERS ONE TIME. They are half way across the world.  They have told me the way to get back your "friends" is to go to Facebook and change your settings.  You need to allow ALL FIENDS to see your game playing.  Hope that helps.

I have already been to settings and checked that all friends is ticked and I have friends who want me back but after spending a lot of time typing their names where it says add friends, nothing is happening. Even new friends are not appearing. 

You know what, I don';t get it.  The best to do is take out another ticket with the developers of Cafe World and let them know you won't be spending anymore money in your virtual cafe.  Perhaps that will get their attention.  It's so frustrating I know.

have you taken out a support ticket with them?  I'd try Facebook too I guess. I have zero neighbors in Fashionland yet they visit me all the time.  Makes no sense at all.

Actually I fixed it myself. I cut my tab off I had the game in...opened Caféland back again and they all seem to be there now! 

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why don't you respond to my e-mail ? pls. hel....i cannot ask for hearts and my neighbors or friends list dissappeared....thanks

i have the same problem how do you get your friends list back on cafeland thank you 

I cannot exactly remember. but it was somewhere in the facebook setting, try and find where you block apps or something like that.

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