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Problems with update for iPhone 7

Please can this be fixed. It says I need a update on my iPhone 7 but when I go to the App Store there is no update needed
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I am having that same problem.
Me too. Pls fix it..if not can't log in
Mee to

I was playing all the while until just now it prompt out and ask me to update where there is no new update for it. Please help? Is there any solution? 

I tried to reinstall the game, once I connect to Facebook the problem back again.

I am having the same issue. I can play on my Samsung tablet with no issue.
Same here

I have the same problem except downloaded app again and lost everything, following the new update for Christmas .

I have this problem now and I can’t get it to fix or update
Game won’t load says this please fix thanks
I need my update please

 I'm afraid if you have not backed up your iPhone I don't think you can get anything back except for going to the app store and manually download the apps again and do the same for itunes to get music back, for apps and music that you previously had, get help from  instead of there being a install/buy icon on the right there should be a little cloud with an arrow at the bottom and click that to get it back. 

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