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Update Flash player issue?

Anyone else being asked to update flash player to play Cafeland? I installed it and checked my settings to make sure it's not blocked. Still not able to play all day. Solutions will be greatly appreciated.

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between the flash player thing and error message issue I am just tired of trying to play a game I really have enjoyed

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I started having this issue with another FB game called NCIS: Hidden Crimes, then with Bejeweled Blitz, even if I were to update Google Chrome, the same thing happens.....

The problem in question is when I play the Blizzard Overwatch game. I've been playing for a year without problems until a couple of weeks ago lost the connection with their servers shortly after starting to play. After talking to three Blizzard technicians and doing countless tests.
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Have the flash player issue on mu iPad. Apple wont let me download another flash player. Dont know what to do. 

Have you figured this out yet ??

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my cafe land will not load , i have been trying all day . please help

Why was it that when I was playing the game marketland, when my store opened and all the products in the game were available and yet all the customers went to buy went out there in a rage? Is there anything I can do to fix my game?
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