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My account was banned

my account was banned i dont know why !! how can i retrieve it please do help me 

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Benimde ayni hala oyun engelim var geri donus yapmadilar 
My account has also been banned and I don’t know why either. Please help me retrieve my account so I can start playing again. I love playing this game.
Same here I really have no idea why my account banned please retrieve my account
same here, it says account banned.. i dont know what to do..i am currently doing my task for the league..please help me with this i love this took me almost a year for me to get into my level..
I need help with this as well. My account was banned as well when i was doing my tasks yesterday. Can you please assist me in this case?
Мой аккаунт был забанен.не знаю почему.верните, пожалуйста.играю давно,весь прогресс потеряется.заранее спасибо
me too, when I CLAIM ALL my awards so my account was banned??????
They haven't fixed my yet, neither they responded, its been 4 days now.
Придется,наверное,удалять игру, так как никто не реагирует.очень разочарована
Придется удалять игру
Hello, when I try to connect cafeland with Facebook its says my account was banned. I want to know why????
I really love this game, that I play along ago, please give me back my connect with face. Peaseeeee
Same my account was banned also
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