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 If you say that the game is FREE, then it is not fair that we can not expand for coins, but only for REAL MONEY. I like the game and hate the idea to stop playing and leave all the nice friends I have there, but there should be an alternative for expansion if you claimthe game is FREE. Thanking you in advance for taking this matter into serious  consideration.

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 I agree with you 100%!!  How on earth do some people manage to get to 2000+ levels???  This game is anything BUT free.

Feel so good jumblesolver to know this.

I used to be able to get an expansion for coins but now I cannot myself, I have a 20 x 20 cafe and I wanted to get a bigger one myself but I have not gotten to a level where I can pay with coins or they are just not doing that anymore, and that really make me mad, because I need an expansion right now, not when I can afford it, because for that kind of money it would takes months for me to get it, I would love it if they would go back to letting us pay with coins and not having it so dang expensive

i disgusted with not being able to expand cause they want cash not coin and they wont change it i wrote many times and they just seen things they got it and send reply with in 2 days but when doing it you got to put personal passwords, cant go no farther should stop playing im thinking of it , no matter how much i make coin i cant go foward update Gun Mayhem 3.0

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