What is Magic Drops about?
Someone broke into Owlin the Wizard's house and stole of all his ingredients! Magic Drops is a game about matching, connecting and swiping Drops of the same color and completing the level targets to help Owlin get his ingredients back. There are many other puzzles and targets to complete.

What are these Drops?
The drops are the elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Lightning, and they are used for potion making! They need to be collected as the ingredients of the secret recipe potions that will be cooked again by Owlin the Wizard. He shares his secret recipes only with you!

How do I connect the Drops?
Drag your mouse over a group of 3 or more Drops of the same color. You get more points for connecting more in a row. 

How do I get Super Drops?
Connecting at least 7 Drops together makes a Super Drop. The more you connect, the more appear. There are three types of Super Drops: Vertical, Horizontal, and Square. Vertical and Horizontal boosters help you collect a whole line and the square helps you to collect 9 tiles of Drops in a square around the Super Drop.

When you connect a Drop with a Super Drop on it, the booster will appear over the last Drop you touch.

Super Drops are super important for clearing obstacles, hitting targets, and collecting Drops in hard-to-reach places. Because they can often reach parts of the board you can't touch because of water or other obstacles, you should try to make as many Super Drop chains as possible. Chances are, if you are stuck on a level, you should try making more long chains to beat it.