Magic Drops has a variety of obstacles that are sometimes included as targets on each level. Below is a description of how to remove them.

How do I remove Sand?

You can clear sand by connecting and clearing Drops on the tiles with sand. To remove Double Sand, you need to repeat this action twice. 


How do I clear Bushes?

You can clear Bushes by connecting the drops near them.


How do I rescue Sheep?

You can rescue Sheep by allowing them to fall to the bottom of the board. This is done by collecting Drops below the Sheep. Sometimes you will see targets for more Sheep than you see on the board. This simply means that more Sheep will fall the more Drops you clear.


How can I clear the Vampire?

The Vampire starts with a certain amount of "health" shown in the bar below him and in the targets list. To clear this target, you have to create long chains that hit the vampire either through a Super Drop or directly. The vampire's health will drop according to how many drops you cleared with that move. So, creating longer chains with Super Drops included will rapidly decrease his health.

How do I collect Potions?

You can collect Potions by creating a chain with them. You must reduce the number on a Potion to zero (0) by connecting more drops in a chain. Every potion is collected with the help of same-colored drops.


How do I remove Seashells?

Removing Seashells is a two-step process. Closed Seashells will open if you clear a Drop directly adjacent (above, below, left, or right - not diagonal) to the Seashell. They can be removed in the same way only after they are first opened. You can also use the Magic Hammer on them to break them on the first hit and collect them on the second hit. 

A Super Drop chain also opens a closed seashell or removes an open seashell on any tile in the range of that Super Drop.

How do I collect Ice?

If you collect drops near the Ice, the Ice will break and the Drop inside will be free.


How do I collect Glasses?

You can collect Glasses by connecting the drops with glasses.


How do I rescue Bird?

You can rescue Bird by allowing them to fly upwards. This is done by collecting Drops directly above the Bird. 

How do Rainbow Drops work?

You can connect Rainbow Drops together with the drops of any color. You can also use Rainbow Drops to connect different color Drops together.


How do I clear Purple Slime?

When you connect a Drop near a Purple Slime, it will disappear. However, for each move that you didn’t connect the Drops near any of the Purple Slimes, a new Slime will immediately appear on a random spot. Therefore it's important to clear the Purple Slimes as quickly as possible before they multiply.


How do I clear Tree Logs?

You can’t clear Tree Logs and the Drops trapped inside them can’t be connected with other Drops, either. These are a menace! Your only option is to clear Drops around the logs to get the Drops inside them.

How do I collect Mushrooms?

You can collect Mushrooms by connecting same colored drops near them. In the example below, the Purple Mushroom will be collected while the Green Mushroom will stay on the board.

What do the Rainbow Clouds do?

The clouds change the color of Drops that pass through them. So, if a Drop on top of a Rainbow Cloud falls through the cloud, its color will change.


In this example, clearing the red Drops below the cloud will changes the color of the blue Drops above the cloud.

How do I collect baby Droplets?

Collecting baby Droplets is a four step process. First, connect at least three Eggs to get a cracked Egg. Repeat this step two more times in order to get 3 cracked eggs. Connecting 3 cracked eggs will allow you to collect a baby Droplet. If you connect 6 eggs, you will get 2 cracked egg. Connecting 6 cracked eggs will make a two baby Droplets, and connecting 9 cracked eggs will produce 3.

How do I get rid of Spiders and clear Webs?

Spiders move around on the board and leave Webs randomly. You can't get rid of Spiders but you can stun them for 1 turn by making a chain near them. To clear a Web, make a chain with a Drop that has Web on it.

How do I collect Headbands?

You can collect Headbands by connecting the drops with headbands. Please note that the drops with headbands change color every time.

How do I remove Clouds?

You can clear Clouds by connecting and clearing Drops near them. You need to make this move twice to clear Purple Clouds.




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