I've played a certain level many times and I'm no closer to beating it. What can I do to win?

There are a few strategies to help you beat tricky or difficult levels. Here are some tips:

  •     Focus on creating Super Drops and using them to complete your targets.
  •     Making a chain of 7 or more Drops creates a Super Drop that can be used to collect Drops or clear Obstacles that are not directly accessible.
  •     Use Boosters to save moves and get rid of Obstacles or collect the Drops you need
  •     Make sure that you use every move wisely.

Example: Reaching targets at level 22.

Step 1: Create a Super Drop by making a chain of 7 or more drops. The Super Drop you are about to create is highlighted below. The Super Drop will be either horizontal, vertical, or square.

Step 2. Once you get a horizontal Super Drop (you may have to create a few different Super Drops before you get one), create a chain of drops that makes the horizontal Super Drop in line with the obstacle or target, as shown below.

Also, you can check out our Youtube channel for tutorials here.
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Good luck.