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Add More Ways to Earn Diamonds

Here are some suggestions for more ways to earn Diamonds:

  • Get Diamonds from visiting friends once a week
  • The first five friends you visit have a chance to win Diamonds
  • Daily prizes that could have a chance to win Diamonds
  • Diamonds on level up
  • More Diamonds for Tiara Level up
  • Exchange Coins or Keys for Diamonds
  • Earn Diamonds from voting in Fash Cup correctly
  • Earn Diamonds based on dressing appropriately for a Fash Cup
  • Earn Diamonds via the Chic List
  • Get Diamonds from completing Collections
  • Promotion Stands that collect Diamonds over time

These are some of the most popular ideas for earning Diamonds. :)

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Hey there Emily, these are all awesome ideas and I wish the developers would implement them!!


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I like the exchange keys or coins for diamonds. There's a set I'm trying to complete but the last item needed is worth diamonds. There was an idea offered for the promotion stands and diamonds thing where the promotion stand would reward diamonds for a certain amount of time (like a week) then reward keys and or hearts after that time frame.

Now I'm thinking this could be an alternating rewards. Earn 1 diamond a day from the promotion stand, and 5 - 10 keys and hearts.

Hi Topaz,

We are not planning to add any of these suggestions at this time. Thanks for your suggestion and stay tuned!


The $3 for 30 diamonds is my favorite offer.  Could you PLEASE offer it to us MORE.  Thank you!

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I just wish there were special offers for diamonds alone more often. Those special offers nowadays always include coins, diamonds and keys/heartbeats and often give some decoration too. Well, I don't want all that. I can get heartbeats, coins, keys and most decorations from the game anyway, so why pay for them? I always just use the "regular" diamond packages or chick list special offers, in which I don't have to pay to get coins and other stuff I don't really need.

unfortunately the only way to get diamonds is to buy them or expand your shop and the chick list completion.  You can also get free diamonds in the free diamond section by buying something.  I usually buy at Shoebuy, but be careful of giving out your personal info.  some of those surveys ask too many personal questions.

Those surveys never work for me. It always says there aren't any. I haven't gotten any free offers in over a year now. If I don't buy them, I don't get diamonds :/

Those surveys have never worked for me either. When I click that icon for free diamonds, it does nothing. Just this message "javascript:void" flashes in my browser functions. I guess those offers are local and don't work here in Finland unless the devs have partners here who buy services from them.

So I've always just bought diamonds and used ones I've gotten from tiara levels and once-in-a-blue-moon- global positions. But I'm not sure whether I'll buy them anymore. The devs had raised the prices and I don't really think that's fair. Basically a person who bought, say, 15 bucks worth of diamonds got way more use out of them than a person who uses 15 bucks for diamonds now. The prices were raised a whopping 33,3%!

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Emily, how did we know that none of our suggestions would be implemented anytime soon or at all about the diamonds. When it comes to money and people salaries nothing of real fun comes for free. Yet, it was still hard to see your response.

It would be nice if FL would offer us 10 free diamonds from time to time.  This time, dont offer expired ones.  thank you.

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hello.. it would be nice if daily players could win at least 1 diamond per month. i think it is a nice idea to reward daily players who love playing fashland everyday and hope it will be taken into consideration. thank you :)


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Nobody can earn Diamonds when visiting friends. That just isn't there.

yes, nobody can earn diamonds when visiting friends, but daily players who have played regularly, players who have played everyday without missing a day without playing fashland, these players should be rewarded with at least 1 diamond. this should be done every month. if in one month 1 player did not play fashland for 2 days then the player will not be rewarded. i think this is a good idea since fashland do not wish to give players free diamond. this will be a tough way, but frequent players will surely get a diamond :) thank you


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I agree we definitely need a way to get diamonds. I don't know why you have diamonds showing as part of the background when you can host a guest if you can't get them. It's basically false advertisement.

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