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Add New Fash Cup Themes


A Dinner/Restaurant Background

At the Spa

A Garden

A Movie Theater

1950's Sock Hop

Dark Castle/Gothic Castle

Renaissance Faire or Medieval Fair

Rainforest (with a waterfall?)

Road Trip (grand canyon?)

Concert/Music Festival

Candy Shop/Icecream Shop

BBQ Party

Coffee Shop

Horse Club

First Date
Job Interview
Relaxing Around the House
Comic Book Convention
Tea Party
Going to a Theme Park
Meeting Royalty
Pajama party

pool party

going to the market

army theme

race event

beach party

circus tent

Prom Event

Cowboy Event/Rodeo

Harajuku Street
Masquerade Ball

Got more ideas? Add them below!

Sunset in Sedona Event Theme

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Just to say that coffee club and Paris cafe themes are the same ones maybe want to get something different. 

"A Day at the Races" theme would be cool! Maybe grandstands, stables, a warm-up paddock, and/or a could have fun with fancy hats and cocktail dresses or even have a jockey outfit quest for people to use with that theme. Some kind of Superhero theme would be awesome too!

Superhero/Costume theme has lots of overly used costumes at the moment and if you try to get creative by dressing in attire that fits the theme, you aren't going to get many positive votes because players (some) have been trained to vote for the commonly accepted outfits.

I'm relatively familiar with cosplay and dress in attire I know fits the theme but... the outfits get deemed unpopular.

I am so bored with these! How about a basketball, football, or baseball game. Visit by in laws? Wedding reception?

Este ano em agosto aqui no Rio de Janeiro Brasil,começará as Olimpíadas,seria um ótimo tema  Jogos Olímpicos e Paralimpicos - Olimpiadas Rio 2016 - Ginástica rítmica - feminino Conjunto-com Alguns ACESSÓRIOS Como Fitas,medalhas, bambolês, bolas, bastões, ACESSÓRIOS parágrafo Cabelo sapatilhas, colant e Meias.Espero muito ver este tema ou outro relacionado as olimpiadas aqui no Rio de Janeiro/BR.Obrigada pela atenção.

RJ 30/03/2016

A new theme on the ice skating with new dresses for figure skating and skates. :)

ginástica rítmica, com fitas, arcos e bolas, roupas de banho

Mystic Paradise ( Fantasy Theme )

Fantasia ( land of the fairies ) so that we can wear our Fantasy ensembles ( a theme where Fantasy if the Principal Category )


I like a lot of the new themes we've been getting lately, but a) Yoga wasn't named so everyone was confused about it. b) We have no clothes for Mystic Forest, so everyone treats it like a fairy forest, instead of Pandora from Avatar.

One thing I was thinking though, I would like to see a Beauty Pageant.  I think most people treat Fashion Show as a beauty pageant and it would be nice to see them seperate

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Eu acho que muitas roupas não combinam com os temas,e votações de Cups as bonecas vão a Top Mundial,Vizinhos e País com roupas que não tem nada haver com o tema.Seria bom receber roupas para cada tema,Cada vez desanimo de colocar roupa certa do tema e tirar porcentagens muito baixas.E ver bonecas com roupas totalmente fora do tema indo para Top.

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SOme kind of convention? like Comicon or Anime conventions?
then maybe a school hallway
Maybe something school-anime themed?
Noodle shop idk


I liked the introduction of Shibuya Nights since there is a plethora of fashions on display by both shops and residents which range from traditional to modern. Hopefully the Top 10 will showcase variety for this one. 

Some other ideas:

  • Vineyard
  • major outdoor music fest/event
  • Carnivale (Italy)
  • Sandboarding
  • Voice-over Studio (abstract but no overly fancy gear)
  • Animation Studio
  • Aquarium
  • Scuba diving/snorkeling
  • furniture shopping or shopping for home decor
  • Book Sale
  • Visiting the Library
  • Sporting Event Participant/Host
  • Photo Shoot Photographer
  • Art Studio
  • Barista
  • Farmer
  • spring cleaning
  • binge watching/couch potata (watching your favorite shows back to back)
  • Farmer's Market
  • Preparing for Bake Sale
  • 1950s Fashion World Tour (exploring fashion of the times across the world)
  • Baseball/Soccer/Basketball/American Football Events
  • Fencing
  • Writing a Novel

Julija Meow, I think Costume Play is supposed to be like a convention, with cosplay

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