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Add New Fash Cup Themes


A Dinner/Restaurant Background

At the Spa

A Garden

A Movie Theater

1950's Sock Hop

Dark Castle/Gothic Castle

Renaissance Faire or Medieval Fair

Rainforest (with a waterfall?)

Road Trip (grand canyon?)

Concert/Music Festival

Candy Shop/Icecream Shop

BBQ Party

Coffee Shop

Horse Club

First Date
Job Interview
Relaxing Around the House
Comic Book Convention
Tea Party
Going to a Theme Park
Meeting Royalty
Pajama party

pool party

going to the market

army theme

race event

beach party

circus tent

Prom Event

Cowboy Event/Rodeo

Harajuku Street
Masquerade Ball

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Sunset in Sedona Event Theme

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Superhero/Costume theme has lots of overly used costumes at the moment and if you try to get creative by dressing in attire that fits the theme, you aren't going to get many positive votes because players (some) have been trained to vote for the commonly accepted outfits.

I'm relatively familiar with cosplay and dress in attire I know fits the theme but... the outfits get deemed unpopular.

Independence Day theme could be extremely tricky if not redundant if everyone is going to wear the same attire they wear to the Fun Fair (a 1950s theme). We need a Rockstar and Emo theme especially with all those outfits that go unused for the majority of the themes we get. We're in dire need of a sports n music themes (hope the players get creative with their outfits and hope the devs don't release an outfit using said themes that will undoubtedly mess up the creativity factor).

That's good to see!

Mystic Paradise ( Fantasy Theme )

Fantasia ( land of the fairies ) so that we can wear our Fantasy ensembles ( a theme where Fantasy if the Principal Category )

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I'd love to see an Irish Theme, maybe Irish pub? Dublin?  An old Castle?

Also, Since we have so many Indian and Chinese holiday outfits as well, it would be nice to see China Wall, or Taj Mahal as themes.  Or Maybe Forbidden Palace for China, or Bollywood for India?

Julija Meow, I think Costume Play is supposed to be like a convention, with cosplay

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Oh, a Royal Ascot Theme! it would be perfect for a lot of our royal outfits and hats!


Thank You So Much for This Info.

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