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More Quests For Advanced Players

We want more quests with different tasks for high-level players!

Here are some ideas for more quests. Feel free to add more ideas if you have them. :)

Join the [x theme] Fash Cup

Collect [x amount of] stars by completing tasks from [Y] Chic List

Enter Fash Cup with [X] Style. 

Spend [X amount of] Keys. 

Place [X] Promotion Stand. 

Earn [X amount of] Tiara Points. 

Have [X amount of] decorations. 

Expand to [X size]. Join [x] different events. 

Spend [X amount of] Keys on Slots or Bingo 

Earn [X amount of] Tiara Points in any Fash Cup. 

Earn [X amount of Tiara Points] at [Y theme] Fash Cup. 

Earn [X amount of Tiara Points] wearing [Y style].

Earn [X amount of] Keys. Have [X amount of] [y] decoration type.

Keep in mind that we are gearing these toward HIGH LEVEL players (above level 150), so if they seem difficult, remember that there is not a lot to do at those high levels. If you like/hate these ideas or have some of your own, tell us in a post below!

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Love the idea. I really think that the higher level players should be rewarded with some sort of kudos. Been a LONG LONG time since any cool glam was given for leveling up. I also think it would be awesome if when you reach the goal of "Fash Queen" that we are gifted with the "Mila" dress that was offered as a limited purchase. I love this game and I encourage others to find the joy in playing too! 

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Renee, I payed $5.00 for that Mila dress, I would be mad if they gave it away for free to other players lol 

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"Join the [x theme] Fash Cup

Collect [x amount of] stars by completing tasks from [Y] Chic List. "

Spend [X amount of] Keys on Slots or Bingo 

These two cause me concern. Mostly because some unlucky players will ahve to wait a whole round through to the next itme the event played if it just passed, while others will incidentally have it that night. Since the fashcup has over 40 themes that's a max of 20 days. A simple fix for this would be to give a few different fash cup choices to join scattered through the list of fashcup events, a good standby would be to space them in 5-10 day increments, so no one has to wait nearly a month to accomplish one task. That just feels excessive, and frustrating when you know someone else probably lucked out supre fast. I'm sure you have something in place for that already, but just in case, figured I'd say something.

Stars concerns me because I believe there's a maximum number of stars you can earn, and one of them involves spending gems, so players who play for free would be at a disadvantage unless you disculded the stars fromt hat category in your calculations. If you just awarded them for having stars the already have to the point where thy have them that won't really contribute to the difficulty of the quest.  For example I have 3 categories complete on already on style, so if you're retroactively awarding, do I just instantly get my reward? I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I have only been playing a few months, many older higher level players are out there who probably have very little the can do to earn new stars...

As far as bingo goes, just remember, the most you can spend on bingo is 150, and if you get lucky considerably less, then it disapears. Gone. Slots stays up the whole 2 weeks so you could ask someone to spend 2000 on slots and still have it be accomplishable the first round through, but Bingo closes out once you win the outfit. This could cause some serious frustration if you got bingo before you got the quest, and had to wait 2 weeks for bingo to end, and then another 2 weeks for slots, before you could try again. Further more it would encourage older players not to play the game until the very last minute just in case that was a task on their list, taking out the excitement of a new outfit being added. That's a bit of a mechanics conundrum. 

Those are my concerns, I'd love to hear any solutions in place already, or why they aren't valid in the first place. I understand that these quests are menat to be harder and longer, but in the cases I've pointed out there's barely and harder, just longer, without some balancing. :) 

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I'm going to agree with Mea on the chic lists task, I have been working on my chic list for almost a year now and have completed all the "easy" parts, if these tasks get added it would be extremely hard for me to complete, unless I spend diamonds lol but this wouldn't be fair since new players (or players who haven't worked on the chic list) would have an advantage, unless of course, the parts that I have already completed could count towards these tasks. 

I think what would be great if level up could to unlock clothing. That way people look forward to level up. 

I have suggested this before but I would love to have 1 free spin/number a day on Bingo/Slots.

Also would love to see on the gifts what we send our neighbors something other then cash. Like perhaps some diamonds or keys every now and then. Giving loyal players a couple of diamonds every week is not going to bankrupt them.


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Uh oh... I think some of my ideas from the old forum have made the list. Oops!

Well, rather than or in addition to what ever is decided upon for ADV Players, how about a weekly contest for said players where the rewards can range from special currency [coins, keys and or diamonds] to special items for you and or your boutique. The contest will be simple yet creative.

The contest could involve decorating your boutique, suggesting styles to friends or responding to trivia questions.


We definitely at least need more outfits as level unlock rewards, and we need additional tiara levels.  I've been playing a little over a year, but have all the level unlock clothes, and reached Fash Queen.  Maybe a Fash Empress?  Universal Queen?  Galactic Queen? lol  Idk, but we certainly need something.

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@Susan: how about an honorary badge and special permission for laying ground rules for the FashCup. You know, stating what is and isn't acceptable for wear for each theme.

Here's something I mentioned some time ago but have a more coherent wording. There are a lot of advanced players that have worked very hard to get to where they are. How about a special competition for them where they can earn rewards either daily or weekly (a handsome amount of rewards).

It could be like the FashCup but on a different level. The fashions worn will be based on a randomly chosen theme that's not part of the already established one; brand new and only for this special competition.

Now then:

  1. Join Rock Concert 5x, deliver 10 Rock n Roll Clothes and 30 Accessories: Rewards Diamonds and EXP
  2. Clean 10 Products (total) while visiting neighbors, suggest styles to 5 neighbors, collect from 5 promotion stands
  3. Host 3 Fashion Guests and delivery ten (10) 2-day duration accessories
  4. Hire extra help by asking neighbors, ask Mila for advice 2x (visit her store)

Topaz Blu
That all sounds great but to be honest I would be happy with just more level unlocks and more tiara levels.

we still really need more quests and chic list items.  I'm at 7k + tiaras my self, but have plenty of friends well over 10k.  There isn't much keeping our interest in the game other than Marco every two weeks..

Hi, we still need more quests and fash cup achievement levels.

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