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More Quests For Advanced Players

We want more quests with different tasks for high-level players!

Here are some ideas for more quests. Feel free to add more ideas if you have them. :)

Join the [x theme] Fash Cup

Collect [x amount of] stars by completing tasks from [Y] Chic List

Enter Fash Cup with [X] Style. 

Spend [X amount of] Keys. 

Place [X] Promotion Stand. 

Earn [X amount of] Tiara Points. 

Have [X amount of] decorations. 

Expand to [X size]. Join [x] different events. 

Spend [X amount of] Keys on Slots or Bingo 

Earn [X amount of] Tiara Points in any Fash Cup. 

Earn [X amount of Tiara Points] at [Y theme] Fash Cup. 

Earn [X amount of Tiara Points] wearing [Y style].

Earn [X amount of] Keys. Have [X amount of] [y] decoration type.

Keep in mind that we are gearing these toward HIGH LEVEL players (above level 150), so if they seem difficult, remember that there is not a lot to do at those high levels. If you like/hate these ideas or have some of your own, tell us in a post below!

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