Updates - 9/23/14

 Here are the release notes for 9/23/14

  • The animation for the Mystery Cards has changed. What do you think?
  • We added some suggestion popups. Currently, we have booster suggestion popups in the game. More will come with the next release, such as a starter pack suggestion.
  • We changed the map logic a little bit. Before, the map went to the highest level you are at after each level completion, no matter which level. Now, it will stay around the last level you played, so you won't have to scrool all the way back to where you want to play. This will help players who want to play previous levels to get more stars the most, as they will be able to stay around that level and move on to wherever they want.
  • The Home button now will only appear when you are out of your current zone.
  • There are a few changes in the quantity markers on some places such as the Joker deck and booster buy popups.
  • Temporary boosters in the play popup are now shown grey and with a lock on them when they are not unlocked. There is also a level mark under them.
  • What do you think of the move of the Undo button when you make a mistake?
  • The scrolling arrows have changed in the Shop.
  • Do you like the stars in the level completed popups?

Let us know what you think below!

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