READ FIRST: About the Forum


The forum is for you to be able to make comments about the game and see what the team is up to.

News & Announcements - the latest from the developers. Updated bi-weekly. You can also find information about the forum here.

Suggestions - Use this forum to add feature requests and ideas about the game.

All topics are marked as follows:

  • Planned - The developers are planning to take this suggestion
  • Deferred - The developers want to take this suggestion but cannot do so at this time
  • In Progress - The developers are currently working on implementing this suggestion
  • Not Taken - The developers cannot take this suggestion for technical/analytical reasons
  • Implemented - This suggestion has been taken and is now available in the game.

Search for your topic before posting and vote for or reply to existing threads. Repeat topics will be removed.

Help Q&A - Put your questions here so that someone from the community will be able to answer you. All Q&A topics will be marked "Answered" or "Unanswered."

Please let us know if you need help using the forum.