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Replay Seasonal (Marco) Quests

I think it would be great if you could give us the opportunity between two MARCO EVENTS to play the previous MARCO EVENTS for those who didn't play the game from its begin in order to win all the clothes and accessories.Thanking you in advance!!!!

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This topic is very interesting and I am interested but do not know where to find, thankfully you create this topic, hope everyone will help me candy crush soda

I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out what the right clothes matches the event. I have tried everything on some of the events and I still don't get points for matching. How can I find out what matches the event?
After 4 hour at least need 6 quest...thats incluid all quest...that will make the game more enjoyable

I agree thy our some from 2015 and up that I would love..and own the new game add those to fashion land who can not get the new game to load

That isn't true. Because I'm sure there are many FL players out there who didn't get a chance to win the outfits. How wouldn't it be fair to them?
To solve that problem is; simply put the lost Marco quest outfits in the clothing section for those who didn't win the outfits. It's very simple actually.


I'm not getting credit for the game when trying to get items wyth the Marco specials! It happened in October, Nov, and now wyth thys Dec. special!! On the Nov. one I ended up using Diamonds to complete it! Well I don't have em and I  am playing the game correctly! I put a ticket in twice wyth no results so what am I to do?? I want credit for the issues I've had!!! How do I get them???



It would be really great to have a possibility to buy the clothes from previous quests for KEYS! Please, think about this. 

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I would really like a chance to get some of the older fashions, be it through quest, or doing the Marco quests.  I know some of the older players might be upset, but i am on a fixed income and can't afford to spend money on diamonds. to be honest, i am not thrilled with your bingo game, for one it requires keys that i could be using to get things i need in the game.  Another is that while ii do like the slot machine, it doesn't pay off near as well as your Cafeland one does.  So, i guess i will just have to make do with what i have and vote for tiaras instead of trying to outdo the older players in the Fashland Cups/


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I agree wholeheartedly Modernday0814. But we will remain in disadvantage it seems, we don't get to have a chance at acquiring these past items that are key to placing well in Fashcup.


Its very frustrating that the majority of the Fash Cup winners are topping out from the previous mini games that they aquired. Just because you have the new outfits coming out, it doesnt mean these new outfits are going to make it on the top 5. If I make 8th, 9th, or even 10th place just from my neighbor list, I consider that just by pure chance.

If you dont want to bring them back, then this year needs to be just as good in each category from the previous 2 years. And it needs to be constant if you keep playing the same Fash Cup Themes over and over, and with this being said, if you dont know what type of themes you want to create, then at least make it to where we have certain style categories that we can only choose from to play the Fash cup theme...example, if you want to play the african safari theme, we can only choose from Tribal one time and the next time safari the following time, then mix seasonal with boho the following time. Something to make it more challenging to show off our fashion skills. Right now it is just pure trash when I have to sit here and look at all the outfits that are feeding thru for voting. 

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i m new player and i miss so many great dresses and accessories so plz atleast u can bring some very popular marco or bingo back plz its request .


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For the older players, why not give them bonus diamonds, hearts or keys for finishing that quest if they have the outfit? 

If not it would be cool if you added some of the clothes from Marco's quests to the chic list. Put the items in their respective categories (Evening, Country, Seasonal, etc) and whenever you click on the guest you have the option to win a piece not just hearts coins or keys. 

Hi again Topaz,

It sounds like a fun idea, but it might not be fair for those players who already own that outfit. We would have to consider what we can offer for other players who already have the old looks.

Can earning the clothes be set up like the missions hosted by Mila, Simone and Gloria? Where each stage could be a round to that has part of the outfit as a prize.

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 Hi Theodora!

We are planning to make it possible to win old Marco outfits again, but we are still experimenting with how to do it. So far we've tried making them available for limited sale and adding them directly to the Dress-Up menu. Thanks for your suggestion.

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