Updates - 1/7/15

 Hi all, here are the latest updates from Fashland.

* Added new seasonal quest.

* Added new BINGO game.

* Added new clothes and accessories to dress up menu. (check out the NEW category)

* Removed Christmas and NYE themes.

* Added Magic Drops button.

* Wallpost images will be updated tomorrow with new designs.

We hope you enjoy the changes!

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I like the new tiara! Could it be possible to make a silver one with white and pink diamonds? Thanks! 





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your recent update caused a lot people to lose there cafe and there 600.00 cafe in 1 and 300 cash in the other. every time i tride to save it said something went wrong. so thanks for making me waist all that money on your update. and im not the only one with that issue. it really stinks people put money in this game and its gone because of an update and you care do anything about it. and don't even get me started on the support. this really sucks  not happy about your last update at all.

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