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How Much do all Expansions Cost?

 would love to know how much the 20x20, 21x21, and 22x22 expansions are going to cost.  I'm saving up for the 19x19 right now.

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Oh, you're right! Sorry about that. I will fill in that info on the wiki right away.

21x21 is not available for Coins but you can buy it for 4,000 cash.
22x22 is also not available for Coins but can be purchased with 5,000 cash.

Hope this helps.


I am concerned about having so many coins and not able to use them to expand. I really need to expand because it is getting boring just cooking and storing all of these dishes

 In CafeLand, have anyone else noticed that they have raised the last expansion price to 12000 cash, instead of the 7500 cash it was before  ... so I guess there is no use of trying to save to it *huh* ...

Wiki hasn't been updated beyond 22 x 22.  What is the cost for 23 x 23?

Can Wiki please be updated? 

Hi Lin,

The wiki is a community project not run by Gamegos. Anyone can update the wiki.


I do realize that, Emily, but most of us don't know what the costs are.  They all, or mostly all, changed recently, so I was hoping someone here would know the new amounts.  Thanks tho, I'll find out eventually!

Why can't you just do the right thing for everyone and give us the option to choose to buy the 22X22 and 23X23 expansions with coins, like the lower expansions were.  Those who want to spend "real money" to do it quicker will, but why punish all the rest of us loyal players by only making those 2 expansions available with CC?  I will NEVER pay real money to get enough CC and so many people got those 2 expansions through the glitch in the Lucky Spin a couple of years ago.  I was among the players who did not take advantage of the glitch, so we are now the ones left holding the bag in not being able to buy those last upgrades at all.  Not fair!!!!  Please reconsider and do the right thing.  You have enough things that cost CC that it certainly isn't going to cost you anything to make the option to be either coins or CC.

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many of us would like an current up to date list of cafe size, level un locked, costs, this would help us with those that are cheating, so we could if wished remove from our groups. cafe sizes are now upto 25x25 and wiki list is out of date.

Off the top of the head, does anyone know how much cafe dollars each purple magic floor tile is? Thanks!! 

Civilized game creators like Playfish (Restaurant City) give expansions each time one levels up. WHY DON'T YOU DO THIS in Cafeland, misers? It can be so much fun to create optical illusions and make a beautiful and creative space. Gamegos is all about making $$$$$ for the creators but not fun for the players? Not cool. If Restaurant City was still around I wouldn't event be playing Cafeland. Please look into improving the accessibility and fun of this game by not making it so that only wealthy people can play it. And also, dang, prettier things please for floor decorations! 

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