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Cafeland for Mobile

There should be a version of Cafelan to be played on Android. I can not always get to a computer to play my game.

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Mobile game, text twist 2 game

Hi there! Nice stuff, do keep me posted when you post again something like this!

Has this happened yet?

Has this happened yet?

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I am not able to synchronise my progress of Facebook version with the mobile version. Is there no way? If not then who is gonna play the same game from starting level. Please do something.

Cafeland for Mobile

but my game uninstalled alone, and I could not save in google play. Does it work like this?

I use an app called puffin its a flash enabled browser you log into fb from there and i dont have to start over

I downloaded the game on my phone, but with the last update I can not play, and now the game uninstalled alone, it was level 36. Does anyone know how I can install again without losing everything?

Downloaded puffin web browser works perfectly

Not in my country yet ... (Guatemala by the way!) Please

Hello Everyone!

We're happy to announce that the game is available in many countries now. The Android version is almost ready to be released worldwide while the iOS version still has some way to go. 

You can check your stores to see if the game is available!

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