Mailbox Issue 1/26/15

 We are aware that some of you are not able to accept requests at the moment. We will fix this bug ASAP. Please do not submit tickets about this issue. Thanks!

Will do


I can accept requests and then the same names appear again and again. Also I have received a quest which is above my level "Masquerade Ball" and therefore the party is locked to me. I am level 105; you must be 107. Thank you

This issue should be fixed now. Thanks everyone for your patience!


It is not fixed yet. Still cant use the accept all/ help all. 

Hi margaret,

Thanks for your comment. We will review this now.


 my mailbox is not working, I click on it, and them its just the same amount

Issue is still not resolved. Game not worth playing until it does get resolved.

Four days gone by and issue is still not resolved.

 Hi my mailbox is working all right now thank you

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