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Slot Machine cost needs lowering.

Why does the Slot Machine game cost 4 keys per turn, compared to the 2 keys on the Bingo game? The latter costs a maximum of 150 keys, whereas the slot machine has no limit, and for me, the last 2 slot machines have cost me more than 300 keys each (with no keys won either).

Why can't you just have both games at 2 keys per turn?

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Hi David,

There are several reasons given by the analysis team but the most important one is that you do win small prizes for every spin with Slots. The developers want the gamble to be more risky with Slots. Still, a suggestion to lower the price is valid! Hopefully you can get some votes on your post and the team can push this issue.


I've just spent nearly 400 keys. I did get over 20 keys back in wins, but I can't afford this sort of thing all the time. It takes ages to get that many keys.

I completely agree. I already knew the devs try to justify the high cost with the prizes, but they just arenät worth it. It's not a gamble when you just lose every time! Getting for example 1 key, 3 heartbeats or 3 xp is just ridiculous for 4 keys. I've gotten every slot outfit since last summer and not once have I gotten any of the bigger prizes, like 20 keys from the slots. Not to mention the slots are unfair: sometimes in our team some people get the entire look for less than 50 keys, others use 300 and still don't get all the items. How is it fair that the same look can cost others over 6 times more than others?

Just give us the bingos, get rid of the slots. At least in bingos everyone gets the look for around the same price and there's a maximum limit the outfit can end up costing.

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I actually like it the way it is! I like the challenge of not knowing when will I get the the outfit or how many keys it will cost! Yes, I get a bit frustrated at times, but then I get the reward and it makes me really happy! :D  I have gotten a complete set for less than 50 keys, but I have also gotten the set with over 200! but I don't mind, like I said, I like the challenge.  Besides, we are getting unique pieces which won't be available for purchase, so it's totally worth it! If they were going to put these clothes on the dress up menu, they would cost a lot of keys and I bet some would even go for diamonds!  

Please don't change or get rid of Slots! it's fun and exciting the way it is! :D 

Slots used to be fun  but when you don't come even close to getting a single outfit item after all the spent on spends, it becomes irritating and not fun. If you can't earn the keys to keep playing then it may result in purchasing them which could result in loss of money due to still not being able to obtain the desired fashion items.

Hi Topaz,

You can always buy the items with Diamonds after slots ends. It is a game of chance and sometimes it's easier/harder to win the items. As you can see from the age of this post and the status "not taken," the developers are satisfied with the balance of the Slots game at this time. Thank you for your feedback!


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